How to change the keys-lock scale in section A together with the pattern in section C?

This morning I wanted to improvise melodies vs two different scales, that I saved in two different patterns in section C. However, switching pattern does not switch the scale of the keys-lock, that it a “property” of section A instead.

I understand why it is so: a pattern is not necessarily a set of consistent chords all belonging to a scale, so there is not necessarily a correlation between the chords in a pattern and the admissable notes in keys-lock.

However, I would say that it is an obvious use case that a user wants to use their right hand to play a melody consistent with 1 scale and the respective chords in section B/C.

Is there a way to change the setting of the keys-lock depending on the pattern I choose in section C?

My workaround at the moment is - unfortunately - to use two different instances of Scaler, each set to the different keys-lock. Thanks!


There is a way but it has some limitations so it might or might not work for you.
Check key-locks settings: ‘chord notes’ and ‘chord extensions’. Especially the second one works for me when I deal with patterns that change the scale - white kb keys assignment changes when chord changes (regardless of scale).
I know it’s not perfect - I would looooove to see the functionality you described as I jam a lot and those suggestions on keyboard mean world to me :slight_smile:

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Hi All, it’s 9 months since my suggestion, it feels so strange that only @lelek and I would appreciate the feature I described. Is there anything I am missing? I would love if @Ed1 and the team shared even just a 1-liner with their thoughts. Thanks!