How to change the keys-lock scale in section A together with the pattern in section C?

This morning I wanted to improvise melodies vs two different scales, that I saved in two different patterns in section C. However, switching pattern does not switch the scale of the keys-lock, that it a “property” of section A instead.

I understand why it is so: a pattern is not necessarily a set of consistent chords all belonging to a scale, so there is not necessarily a correlation between the chords in a pattern and the admissable notes in keys-lock.

However, I would say that it is an obvious use case that a user wants to use their right hand to play a melody consistent with 1 scale and the respective chords in section B/C.

Is there a way to change the setting of the keys-lock depending on the pattern I choose in section C?

My workaround at the moment is - unfortunately - to use two different instances of Scaler, each set to the different keys-lock. Thanks!


There is a way but it has some limitations so it might or might not work for you.
Check key-locks settings: ‘chord notes’ and ‘chord extensions’. Especially the second one works for me when I deal with patterns that change the scale - white kb keys assignment changes when chord changes (regardless of scale).
I know it’s not perfect - I would looooove to see the functionality you described as I jam a lot and those suggestions on keyboard mean world to me :slight_smile:

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Hi All, it’s 9 months since my suggestion, it feels so strange that only @lelek and I would appreciate the feature I described. Is there anything I am missing? I would love if @Ed1 and the team shared even just a 1-liner with their thoughts. Thanks!

We are aiming to keyswitch / select multiple scales in 2022 @giacecco, a limitation of the current ecosystem is that the ‘live’ state doesn’t really allow switching of scales without reeking havoc so this needs to be integrated and thought of as part of an updated UX. Being able to switch scales is an important progression for me as a user of scaler.

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is it going to be where the white notes change the chords and the black notes change the scales or where each chord note is assigned or mapped to the scale of your choice to play live?