How to Create Custom Chord Progressions in Scaler 2

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Scaler 2 for a few months now and absolutely love it. However, I’m having some trouble creating custom chord progressions that fit well with my tracks. I usually produce electronic music, and I want my progressions to sound unique yet harmonious.

Chord Selection: How do you go about selecting chords that complement each other and fit well within your genre?
Customization Tips: Are there any specific features in Scaler 2 that you use to tweak or customize chords to better suit your tracks?
I also check this : Scaler chord progressions used in this Scalerpiesalesforce-developer

Thanks in advance.

Hi @monjoe

I think that matching chord progressions to a genre is a difficult thing to achieve because a genre of music is not only defined by the chord progression but also by the tempo, dynamics and arrangement of in the song.

Having said that IMHO Scaler is very good at helping a composer to develop chord progressions: with v2.9 the development of the SUGGEST mode on the MAIN page is one starting point. Other starting points are to try using options on the MOD page (I suggest MODAL INTERCHANGE, MEDIANTS or NEO-RIEMANNIEN can all offer interesting chord suggestions).

You may find this topic (Got verse chord sequence in DAW, can Scaler be added & used to suggest Chorus, bridge chords etc … How?) useful in your search for developing chord progressions.

Hope this helps