How to drag detected note or chords

I have a melody(Not chords) in MIDI format and I use the detect feature but in some points the detector gives me name of the note not chord : 1.any body what it means to drag the recorded and detected one into my daw?


  1. The chords are made up of different notes not played at the same time so scaler has correctly identified a note?
  2. If it is a chord, drag and drop anywhere!

Sclare only identify the first note of each bar nothing els!

Can you provide an example?

Please look at the screen shot.for example it says F for the first bar including(F D F F)AND e for the second br(E E F G)but I can’t drag them into my logic because F and E are not detected as chords!

Hmm that’s interesting. We haven’t considered the need to drag single notes. Scaler at is base is really about chords and harmony. My question is why do you want to drag single notes when you already have then in your midi files?

Obviously there is no need the single note which already have it.I actually thought when it detects F it mENS F major chord etc.if you look at the screen shot it gives you a few chords after the first few single notes.the question is why doesn’t it detect the chords from the first bar?
I might be confused about the reason which detect has been programmed .does it suppose to detect chords ? if yes so so same question:
why doesn’t it detect the chords from the first bar?

I’m guessing that file you are playing contains notes that are not quantised so if it is a chord it is actually adding note per note quickly and scaler is correctly identifying that. Impossible to tell without seeing what you are doing. Scaler interprets midi files correctly. Occasionally it may throw up a strange naming convention but if its monophonic it is monophonic, polyphonic, polyphonic.
Hope that helps.

Please take a look at MIDI and sheet music and try on scaler detect feature.

I couldn’t add the MIDI file as it say this is because I’m a new user!