How-To Drive GSi VB-II with Scaler and you hands

I spent hours to figure out the routing to tickle the GSi VB-II lower keyboard with Scaler, or with my M-Audio Keystation MINI 32, and the GSi VB-II upper keyboard with my Alesis Q49

I spent so much time as I am very weak in routings :woozy_face:, so I hope this micro-tutorial can be useful for other poor routers :rofl:

Here is the picture

Scaler is linked to one keyboard and this is mandatory: i.e. you must use this input even if you don’t touch that keyboard :wink:

Scaler feeds a MIDI track that feeds the channel 2 of GSi VB-II

A 2nd MIDI track is linked to the other keyboard and feeds the channel 1 of GSi VB-II

GSi VB-II input must be the second keyboard with Track In as sub-input

Then you drop on the 2nd MIDI an Ableton scale that matches with the Scaler scale, launch Scaler in loop and… :boom:

I drooled over a system that would let me play Hammond solos with one hand over an automatic accompaniment since I was 20, and now I got it at long last

Scaler is such a fun!


Tomorrow I’ll upload a prog tune jumped out from this workflow

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