How to Load any of the 600 Scaler Progressions by Song or Artist using MIDI messages only?

How can i force a certain Scaler Progression to load using any MIDI Command (and thus create a track with it)? Or, is that selection only available by saving the Live set file with that progression chosen in the plug-in? In other words, what if i want more than one progression to load during a song, ie to load a second different progressions at some location in live other than start, without having to use the mouse to open the Song or Artist menu choice? I see how to do it such as for matrix controller tab, but i wondered if there was a generalized way that could index to all the progressions, not just a few of them.

Another reason would be to change progressions using MIDI devices only (no mouse) conveniently outside a “song” per se, as an improvised or exploratory live performance change. Once we know how to wire MIDI messages to each progression (noting that since there are 600, it’s clearly a type of MIDI message with banks or MSB/LSB) then we could create any new kind of chord progression access interface method including using such as TouchOSC or similar MIDI control tools (or even by a MIDI foot controller).

Have you seen this Scaler 2 Workflow | Developing a Musical Idea - YouTube You can assign Midi CC using any’s daws midi automation.