How to load Scaler as a MIDI effect in Cubase 12?

I think Scaler can be loaded as a MIDI effect in Logic. Is this possible in Cubase? I cannot see it in my MIDI inserts menu.

What is it you are trying to accomplish? DO you want Scaler to control a VST Instrument? Since you mentioned Logic I assume you are on a Mac?

Sorry I did not make myself clear, I am on PC. I want to load Scaler as a MIDI insert.

Again - What is it you are trying to accomplish? AFAIK Cubase does not load 3rd party MIDI FX.
Why do you want to load it as a MIDI Effect. It is usually loaded on a separate track and routed to the track you want to control. The only reason it is loaded as a MIDI FX in Logic is that Logic doesn’t use VST and AU (which Logic does use) but AU doesn’t pass MIDI info so Scaler Devs created ScalerControl just for Logic which is a MIDI FX.
Check out this video -

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Well, I am not sure yet. I am just exploring Scaler for the first time. I saw inserting Scaler ias a midi fx in this video from the developers, at 6.00 minutes. Scaler 2 - Complete Overview - YouTube

That was loading it in Logic, as @jamieh noted. Cubase is as a VST AFAIK.

As @yorkeman pointed out @davide is using Logic X in that video on a Mac. Use Scaler in Cubase 12 as a VST3 or VST2 instrument and route the MIDI output to any other instrument you want.
Add Scaler to New Track -

Load an Artist Progression or make up one yourself.

If you want to use Scaler on another instrument load an instrument on a new track. In this case I am loading Kontakt.

Change the MIDI input of the New Instrument to Scaler here -
Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 4.44.01 PM
In this case there is one instance of Scaler. CHoose that as the MIDI input to Kontakt (or whatever your Instrument du Jour.

Turn on the Monitor button on the New Instrument and Scaler will now be able to control the New Instrument as well as it’s own internal sounds.
Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 4.52.29 PM


Thank you for your answers. I was not clear on this as I have only used Scaler for an hour or so, so far

Really excellent post. It’s very generous of you to take the time to create a detailed post with many useful screenshots. You’re one of the very good posters on these forums.

For the OP (original poster). Scaler may also be placed on a Cubase Audio Track as an Audio Insert. This is great for using Audio Detection. I start many parts this way.

I use Guitar or Keyboard to identify chords and notes I’m playing. Scaler can also “listen” to on an imported audio track. Don’t expect miracles from this. Do expect Scaler to help you identify chords more quickly at times. If Scaler assigns a different name to a chord than the one you want it can be corrected for later.

Scaler often suggests synonymous names for chords – I want to name the chord Cm6, Scaler decides it’s A-7b5, etc. I deal with it and make corrections later.

Thanks again to Jamieh for the post and good luck to the OP in getting into Scaler.


I just wanted to thank you for this post. I was having a hell of time getting MIDI from my controller to play thru Scaler to Scaler’s destination track. But I forgot to turn on monitoring for the destination track!!!

Great post! Thanks for solving my problem!