How to make a cord progression from scratch

Is there a in depth tutorial on how to make a cord progression from scratch.
I am having a bit of problems understanding how to drag and drop chords as sometimes it seem to allow and other times not.
I just need to learn the correct method and a good tutorial will help,

Many videos on YT done by the Scaler folk …

amongst (many) others.

Scaler also have a paid for tutorial at a very low price … check that out.

Hi @wyndham

I recommend the on-line course .


I have watched many videos but they assume that the viewer has a basic knowledge of scaler and why it works the way it does,and I don’t.
Maybe I’m starting from a far different expectation that I should be able to make simple chord progression
Here is my example of what I want to do, as a way of learning how to learn scaler.
House of the rising sun is a simple chord progression. Most of the verse is Am,C,D,F first line Am,C,E,E second line
what I thought I could do in scaler, was to start with a blank pattern, add the correct chords, apply an artist and performance and copy over to my DAW
Or select an artist and easily edit/ change the chords to what I want to achieve. I thought the drag and drop a chord or select from the chord wheel and replace the chord but this doesn’t work as I had hoped
I think you can see my dilemma.

I think people may have misunderstood (including me) , and were thinking in terms of your composing your own progression from scratch… Given you wanting the progression for the 'Rising Sun (or any other song you know the chords to) , the first thing to identify is that the song uses chords from other than the implied scale viz Am. On the ‘main’ page if you set the scale to Am, you will see

You will see that D and E major are not in this scale. They are called ‘borrowed chords’, and could be from A Melodic Minor. The chords shown are what are called the ‘harmonised’ chords from Am.

When this happens in a song, select the ‘chord’ page, click the relevant notes on the ‘circle of fifths’, and drag them to ‘Pattern 1’ This will give you

Which is the progression you require … only takes a moment.
Now go to the ‘Edit’ page, and yo can adjust pitch, voicings (inversions), duration and repeats to fit the song.

If you go back to the ‘main’ page, you can then add extensions (7ths etc) and other changes.
Having done that you can drag and drop the progression into your DAW.

It took me 4 times as long to type this than to do it, and once you get into the work flow, it becomes second nature.
BTW, this was a slightly more involved case because of the borrowed chords in this song’. Most songs use ‘harmonised’ chords, so you could then have done it from the Main page.

Hope this helps.

You probably use it, but if not, surf over to Hook Theory

which can often be helpful. Here, you will note, their progression uses dominant 7th chords ( a flat 7) for the D, F and E chords. You can drop those in on the chord page if you want.


Ok, I got it, Thanks a bunch to all.I don’t know why I was blind, but now I Cmaj 7 :slight_smile:

One of my problems that Confused me was the screen layout did not show the bottom chord pattern window to insert the chords, so I was at a loss until I stumbled onto the window tab setting that allowed me to set the screen to be able to enter the chord progression. If there is a toggle show /hide in Scaler patterns for this, I’m at a loss where it might be.I know how to add another pattern, but the pattern was down below the bottom of the screen.
I need to go back to Windows Kindergarten school