How to make a pattern play a specified number of times

On the iPad, how can I make a pattern play more than once in a sequence?

For example, in the attached screen shot I would like to have the verse pattern play twice, then move onto the bridge pattern, which should play once, then the chorus pattern I’d like to play twice. Thanks in advance

Hi Bill

Go to the EDIT page and change the Playback Timings. There is a tutorial here.

An alternative approach would be to bind to midi and use either midi clips, or play from your keyboard. There is a tutorial on using midi clips here.

Thanks for your reply. When you say EDIT page, do you mean the SEQUENCE page on the iPad? The Playback Timings alter the length of time each chord plays, but what I am trying to do is to repeat the whole pattern.

Sorry if I am missing something

At this time there is no way to repeat the whole pattern short of using trigger notes to trigger it again. There was some talk of addressing this so I feel it may happen. It would be nice to have say Pattern one repeat twice then play pattern 2. Etc.

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Sorry, I didn’t relise that youwere using the iPad version. My reply related to the Windows and Apple Mac versions. To avoid this confusion in the future can you ensure that you specify the OS in you query, please?