How to make sustained bass / drone?

Hi! I own Scaler 2 since a few days, and I’m amazed of the quality of this plugin, as it’s an impressive tool for exploring harmonies and composing. I’ve seen almost all the in-depth tutorials, but there’s this simple thing I can’t figure out to do.

I just want to generate a simple countinuous bass note drone, to feed external synths for drones and sub basses, is this possible in Scaler 2? All the Bass Performances are rhythmic notes, while disabling Perform it generates the whole chord.

I know I could export midi and remove the chord notes, but I like using many different instances of Scaler to play synths directly, and test different chords and progressions before printing the midi.


Welcome Standalone
Have you tried Chord duration or the Playback Timings in the Edit area for the patterns? The Duration setting can go to 4x the Chord Duration time.
If you need a single note, you can create UNISON chords by detecting notes in Section A, right clicking and creating a Unison Chord.

HI @standalone

As @TMacD said you can change the

Page. There is a tutorial on Setting playback timings/durations which may help you.

You can also set chord duration in terms of the no of beats in the SETTINGS. Combinig these two settings will enable you to extend the chord duration signifcantly.

In order to play a single note place a chord in Section C and then delete notes from the chord on the CHORD pageThere are two tutorials that may help you: Introduction to the CHORDS page and The Chord Page: Entering Custom Chords.

Hope this helps

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Hey guys thanks for the answers! Sorry if the question wasn’t clear.

I’m going with the unison / edit chord method, but I wish there was another way without editing the chord, because this way I have to edit the chords in the bass part every time I sync Scaler with a new progression.

No worries at all…hope some of this helps. There are a lot of creative solutions through Scaler and finding them is sometimes half the fun.

Not sure how much you want to keep exploring this, but I use Scaler to explore my large collection of Synths all the time and am intrigued with your scenario. While there is no specific feature that meets your needs, I’m sure there are a number of ways to simplify the process and I bet there is no need for manual chord editing.

If you want to go down this rabbit hole, can you explain your scenario a bit more, maybe describing your setup and workflow? In a very basic setup, what tracks do you have and what are they doing?

All that being said, if you are good, we can drop this.

Just athougt, but do you save your chord progressions from Section C so that you can reuse them later? If so you can reload them and then change the key in Section A. Don’t know if this will help, but…