How to notate jazz standard modulations?

Any suggestions on a workflow to input songs that constantly modulate?
I’m trying to input the chords for ‘Blues for Alice’ in F (by Charlie Parker).

I’m a noob trying to get my workflow together - as this is one of the ‘easier’ modulations!

I can’t quite work out how to set up all the different modulations even on a simple song that has lots of 2-5-1s that go into different keys.

Thanks for any help!

Well I did manage to do it, but I’m sure there must be a faster way that hunting every individual scale for the chords!
Thanks for any slick workflows as jazz modulations are semi-logical, but I can’t work out an easier pattern for now.

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bumping this for any workflow tips when writing brief “modulations” or just secondary dominants—obviously playing in a midi sketch is great but I’m not much of a keyboard player (guitar); also, using the jazz tune presets and otherwise creating building blocks has also been an OK workaround – haven’t really found anything “from scratch” though other than creating changes without the secondary dominants and then editing each chord’s quality etc. – any workflow ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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I think the fastest way is to play in the chords with MIDI detect or audio detect.

I was just working on Giant Steps and Blue Bossa and found it best to play in the changes and then go back and improve the voicings and voice leading. Scaler does come up with some odd enharmonics, but those can be resolved with a few clicks. I’m still new at this myself, so don’t have any best answers on this. I’d like the Circle of Fifths to have Flat Notes, but, development takes time.

Anyway. I also like the chord editor. If the chord name is wrong, but it’s the right chord, I let it go. I don’t care if it says A#7b9. I know it’s a Bb7, and you can click the scale type for enharmonic equivalents, but not C Major.

I think I’ll develop a workflow with Scaler and these sort of things will just become part of how this tool works. If I come up with any “killer tips” on this, I’ll post about it. Maybe someone else will share a few good ideas or suggestions.

I’d like to see some type of functional harmony interface. I have the Total Mapping Harmony app on iOS, though think it’s interface could be better and it’s not for windows (my main system for composing), so if I need to look up some possible chords, I’ll break out the iPad then drop them into Scaler, but man I’d really like to see those options like that right in scaler. To be able to better see the chord relationships would be nice.

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I did a version myself and uploaded it to the chord sets sharing forum. I think our versions are nearly identical. I also couldn’t make some of the enharmonic display correctly. It would make life simpler if we had both sharp and flat names for notes and chords.

Anyway, it’s a great tune, but those chromatic II-V’s are tricky for the program to negotiate. perhaps future editions will address this.



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Thanks for having a go at this tune.
This lets me know that it’s currently not easy to write jazz tunes in Scaler!

Most jazz tunes change key centres rapidly and only for a couple of measures before returning back to the home key.

Maybe future versions of Scaler will make it easier to imitate this so we can start copying or modifying many of the jazz standards to write original tunes.

Scaler Version 5? Version 7? :joy:

Why can you use a combination of the Circle of Fifths and its extensions in Chord Edit mode, Secondary Scale and Modal Modulation in the Modulation section? Also right clicking chords in Section C gives you some tonal options too.