How to play an instrument through Scaler with keys-lock and get out the actual notes

Hey, sorry for my English, I hope you can understand my problem.
I am new to Scaler and am working in FL Studio. I have one instance of Scaler opened with midi out to another instrument (Xfer Serum). I choose a scale that I like and activate keys lock to play my melodies with only the white keys.

Now the question: How can I get the actual notes that are played in that scale to my Serum channel? I can’t just copy the midi pattern that I play in the Scaler channel, because the notes there are corrected inside of Scaler. But I want to copy the corrected midi data in my Serum channel, so I can unroute Scaler again and keep the scale.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

If you are routing Scaler to Serum and playing live just put the Serum track in record. Where are you recording the data now? Once you play it through Key Lock the notes are the correct ones.

I don’t really understand. When I record playing Serum through Scaler the midi data gets recorded in the Scaler channel with the keyboard keys that I actually typed - not the corrected ones in the scale I chose. The Serum channel stays empty.

In case there is a misunderstanding:

If Scaler corrects the C3 on my keyboard to a D3,
I want the corrected midi data (D3) to appear in my Serum channel. Now I only get C3 to Scaler, which makes Serum play D3.

I want to be able to keep the corrected played melody in the scale I chose, even when I unroute Scaler again.

Basically I want to have acces to the midi data after keys-lock. So I can use it later in my DAW independently from Scaler.

If the Data is getting to Serum and it is the correct Data record the Data on Serums track. It’s that simple. Unless I’m misunderstanding what you are trying to do.

Situation = You play notes into Scaler - Scaler sends the correct notes to Serum on Serums track. When you record that Data it should be the correct notes sent from Scaler.

You say “record the data on Serums track”. When I select Serum, hit record and press keys, I get the normal keys without any influence of Scaler. Keys lock only works here when I have Scaler selected, which is routed to Serum.

Or do you mean something different with “record the data on Serums track” ?

You need to answer some questions first as I don’t think you have your set up correct.

  1. Do you have Scaler routed so it sends notes to Serum?

  2. If you do is Serum playing the notes you want it to play from Scaler?

  3. Do you know how to play Scaler while recording on another track, in this case, Serum?

  1. Scaler has Midi Output Channel 1, Serum has Midi Input Channel 1. Notes are sent to Serum.
  2. Serum is playing the notes I want to play from Scaler. Keys lock works, when I click on a chord Serum plays the chord.
  3. Not really, I guess. What I set up in Scaler only affects Serum when I play Serum through Scaler. So only when Scaler is selected. When I select my Serum track, it behaves as if Scaler is not there.

(many thanks for the help so far, I hope we find a fix, as it seems it should be possible and something is just not set up correctly here)

You just need to put the Serum track in record WHILE playing from the Scaler track. I don’t know FL Studio but most DAWs are the same. While you are on the Scaler track Shift+click the record but on the Serum track. Put the DAW in record and play the Scaler track while it’s playing and recording into the Serum track. Make sense?

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I understand now what you mean. I tried that already, but it does not work like you described in FL Studio apparently. I remember doing this in Ableton Live, but I switched to FL lately and don’t know how to do that there. I asked parallel in the Image-Line forum and got a reply already:

" 1 Select the Scaler Channel.
2 Right-Click the Channel Button and go to “Burn MIDI to” → “Current pattern” or “New pattern”.
3 Copy-Paste the (new) Score to Serum. "

and this works. Thanks for you help, jamieh!

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Fl Studio has quirks that I know nothing about. Glad you got it all sorted out.