How to play chords triggers with voice grouping on in multiple octaves?

Hello all,

When I’m in e.g. Cmin and I activate chord triggers then it will by default give me one octave of Cmin chords.

Now if I want to have two additional octaves, e.g. one below the default one and one above it then I know I can copy the default Cmin chords multiple times into ‘Pad’ and use the edit function to conform it to my wishes, but… When I do that with ‘Voice Grouping’ on it seems I can only play one octave.

I hope I’m missing something, but if not that’s a real bummer!

I really would like to be able to have a bigger range where I can play chords WITH ‘Voice Grouping’ on!

Is this possible @davide ?

There is not, to my knowledge, a way to do that at this time. You could create 3 patterns with the same sets of chords and set each pattern group to a different dynamic — You need to lasso all Patterns to have them Bound at the same time or use key switch to switch patterns.
Set Pattern one to Global and set Global Voice Grouping to Dynamic -

Set Pattern two to Group 1 and set that group to Dynamic +1

Set Pattern 3 to Group 2 and set the group to Dynamic+2

You will have 3 Octave represented that way. The only way to transpose the whole thing down to where you probably want it is to put a MIDI transposer after Scaler and before any external instrument. If you are just using the Scaler internal sounds then you are stuck at the moment.

Hi @itsjayzilla

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

To do this:

  1. duplicate the pattern three times
  2. transpose pattern 1 down an octave
  3. transpose pattern 3 up an octave
  4. select all the patterns (by lassoing them)
  5. bind them.

The alternative is to create three instances of Scaler as @jamieh suggests.

Yea, but WITH voice grouping on. This doesn’t seem possible and I like how the voice grouping keeps notes in a nice range and I’d like to have that feature accross multiple octaves to have some more ‘freedom’ of movement.

Let me know if the voice grouping in multiple octaves works… :slight_smile:

Yeah, so it seems to me too.

I’d really like to have this implemented or be told why it isn’t possible by someone smarter than me.

Thanks for your input and please get this under the attention of @davide and his team!

Sorry, but that is not possible in a single instance. But if you open a second instance of Scaler with the same scale and voice grouping selected then I think you will achieve what you want: three octaves of harmony and voice grouping to play a melody.

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Thanks for your suggestion, I will try it out later today!

I do have to say I’d prefer an internal solution in a later version though. This plugin is so versatile that imo it’s a bit crazy that this isn’t easily achievable.

Fingers crossed… :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

Did you not see my post? There is a work around.

Did you not see my post? That is the only work around that I know of.

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I did see it, but misread it, I’m sorry.Actually, in many ways @jamieh’s solution may be a better solution than mine. One issue is that I think Dynamic Voicing is a global setting. I don’t know if you can set it for playback groups. I just tried this and found it set for all playback groups.

Here is a silly question: if you create three identical patterns but transpose one down and one up, will binding and switching patterns using the green keys give you the result your want

(I am assuming that you do not want to play two chords an octave apart)?

Yes you can. I’ve tested it out. Lasso all chords in the Pattern you want on that octave and set it to the group you have set. Not ideal but it works.

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Got it. Although I read your post I missed the point that you can set the Voice Grouping at the bottom left corner of page to set it by pattern and group. My mistake. This definitely makes it a better solution.

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