How to Run Multiple Instances of Scaler starting at different bars

I am doing a project where I have an 8 bar scaler pattern, and I want to repeat it at different bars in my composition, with different instruments and different basic and chordal performances.

For example, I want to repeat the same chord progression on Bar 1, and then again on Bar 8, but with a different Scaler instrument, and different Performance pattern.

So I have Scaler on two different tracks and I am telling the DAW to start one instance of Scaler on Bar 1, and the second instance on Bar 9. I have DAW sync on, and then I press the Space bar to start playing.

This works if I press the Space Bar or hit Play and let it play all the way through. But if I try to stop and start, Scaler no longer plays correctly. sometimes both instances play at once, even though in the DAW they do not overlap. Scaler seems to lose track of where it is if I am not starting at the first bar.

Yes, I know, I could just capture the midi patterns and drag them to the appropriate bar. But I am still experimenting with performance patterns and instruments, so I would like to use the setup I described, if it can be made to work.

Windows 10, Mixcraft 9, latest version. Scaler is working well otherwise.

Thanks for any help with this.


Can you help me with

The way I get this to work is by using rests. So all Scaler instances need the same number of bars but rests in different places i.e Scaler one has 8 bars until bar 9 and scaler 2 comes in and Scaler one goes away. Scaler 1 has 8 bars of chords Scaler 2 has 8 bars of rests - Aat bar 9-16 Scaler 1 has rests and Scaler 2 has chords. This works for experimenting but needs to have MIDI drag and dropped for starting at any point.
No song position pointer in Scaler as of yet.



Welcome to the forums. There are many ways to approach this. Scaler does not have MIDI Song Position Pointer. There are many possible workflows with Scaler and for this situation I’d suggest using Bound Notes to trigger chords with DAW Synch Off. Alternatively you might use MIDI Record or Drag and Drop to MIDI Tracks. All are viable ways of working with the program.

What I like doing is putting Bound Key Notes notes for each chord on the time line of the DAW. This way the project may be started and stopped with chords and any associated performances locked to the time line.


This is a method I use as well. Another method, if you use Live is to make clips of the bound triggers - 1 for each clip, you can then use Follow Actions to trigger in various orders which can be fun.

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Hey, thanks for that! Great idea. Like you say, useful for experimenting.

Thanks for the response. I haven’t used Bound Notes yet to trigger chords. I looked in the manual, but it wasn’t immediately clear how to proceed.

“What I like doing is putting Bound Key Notes notes for each chord on the time line of the DAW.”

So if I am understanding this correctly, I create two Patterns, for example, and the notes C1 and D1 at various places on the time line of the Scaler track in the DAW? Then the sequences will trigger as the DAW plays?

Thanks for any help understanding this.


This is perhaps the strongest functionality the program offers. Take some times and learn it by watching videos and experimenting with some very simple progressions.

Many workflows are possible with Scaler and your DAW. Learn how the Bound Notes and Pattern Key Switches work and you’ll be on your way. The learning curve for the basics is not so steep, but as you advance you’ll find many ways to do things. The forum has many good posts to explore. Good luck with your progress.

:thinking: I’m starting to think that I still don’t understand a damn thing of the “Follow” meaning
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Follow actions are commands that can launch clips and scenes in different orders as well as other things. I use them to change the order and length of sections of a piece of music till I get something I like. It’s built into the clip editor of Live 11.

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:thinking: I believed you were speaking about the Follow/Retrigger option in Scaler

EDIT- I misread your post - No I’m talking about Follow Actions in Ableton Live -
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I don’t think you use clips so it probably has no interest for you. But it’s a great way to arrange scenes
to experiment with. Most people with a Push controller would rather do it live.
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never seen before :grinning:
Because I am more a jammer, yes
not very interested in complex compositions, soundtracks, etc.
thanks anyway