How to save the voicing of dynamic voice grouping?

This is the question version of this feature request, hoping someone has a trick to achieve the same.

I commonly use dynamic voice grouping, but this morning I’ve realised that I really wanted to change one of the chords. If dynamic voice grouping is on, that is simply not possible. But, at the same time, I cannot turn it off because I lose all of it. I can’t copy the voicing from a chord, turn off dynamic voicing, and then paste the voicing on another chord.

Of course the only reason I need this is because I am a music theory ignorant… but if I wasn’t I wouldn’t likely be using Scaler.

Any ideas? Thanks!


There could be an easier way I didn’t think of but the only way I found was manually editing the chords voicing to match the dynamic grouping. With dynamic on put the chord in edit mode, point over the chord to see the keys highlight and edit the chord to match the keys.

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Yep not ideal. At the moment I am simply “render” the output of Scaler to another track, and then manually make the changes there, but I lose the opportunity to improvise.

Hi @giacecco

When the voice grouping is ON you can right-click a chord to extract either the voice-grouped voicing or the original:

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 2.53.03 pm

Is that enough for your use case?

I’ve re-read the manual on the topic, and it seems not to be the solution:

After extracting the voicing from a chord you can use Voicing Lock to preview other chords as if they were played with the same voicing.

I need the other way round: instead of taking a voicing from Scaler and use it everywhere, I need to change a voicing in a chord and use it nowhere else :slight_smile: because the others are fine.

You would like to play with the voicing-Lock ON, and be able to disable it for the one chord only?

I just tried with the copy-pasting and it is not great, I think we can definitely improve on this in a future update.

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Not only disable it for one chord only, but be able to change what Scaler’s choice would have been.

There is another way to say that: the user should be able to choose her own custom voicing choice for one chord, that then becomes independent from Scaler’s other voicing settings such as dynamic voicing.

Also, the starting point for the customisation should be driven by Scaler’s choice, e.g. the current dynamic voicing setting.

I initially attempted the extract voicing approach as well and it didn’t work out the way I hoped it would. So when I want to use the dynamic voicing as a starting point to customize further I have to go through the manual process of editing each chord to match it’s voicing to the dynamic voicing.

You could just midi capture the lot, drag to your DAW then have scaler detect the chords from your DAW and go from there

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Mmmm, convoluted but worth trying. I am not sure that Scaler would detect the voicing - that is what I need - but just the chord.

Doh! Yep that would do it pretty quickly.

Scaler would detect the voicing 100% perfectly if it is midi