How to set Song/Artist progressions in desired root note

Hi there!
So Ive been playing around with the Song/Artist progressions, very useful indeed. However they are presented in random (or maybe not so random) root notes.
So one progression is in A, the other in G, and so on. It would be very useful to pick a root note and have them all set around that root note.

Maybe im missing something? would really appreciate suggestions!


Turn on the dynamics on the interface, and each chord automatically adds the root note

Hi @Alfonrock, I think this may help you…


May not always sound right, but does exactly what you are asking for :slight_smile:


Hi @Bernd !
Thank you very much for that, I feel stupid missing it (even so more cause I read the manual) :slight_smile:

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No worries mate. Go ahead and mark the answer the solution to your question here in the forum, will help others looking for the same to find a solution.

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Interesting - I can see a couple of equally-valid but very different ways to handle this.

One is the existing “Force into Scale” feature, as @Bernd described above. Depending on the two scales in question, this may change the sound of the chord progression quite a bit. The results might be great or not-so-great… :slightly_smiling_face:

The other thing is actually what I expected “Maintain Current Tonic” to do, but it doesn’t. I expected it to auto-transpose the selected chord progression to the selected tonic (just like using the ST: button to transpose it by the right number of semitones, but automatic as you switch songs/artists). What it actually does is leave the sound of the chord progression unchanged but present the chords “in terms of” the other scale. (E maj is still E maj, but now it’s the V chord instead of the I chord.)

A good example is the Alternative 1 (A min) and Alternative 2 (E maj) songs. First listen to both song progressions to hear how they sound normally. Now go to Alternative 1 and pick one of the “lock” modes, then switch to Alternative 2. If you used “Maintain Current Tonic”, Alternative 2 will sound exactly the same as it did when the “lock” was OFF, but all the chord labels will change. Now transpose it down 7 semitones to A major and listen - this is what I expected “Maintain Current Tonic” to do.

Maybe it would make sense to have another option in the “lock” menu that does this sort of auto-transposition. I know I would find it useful!

Great idea, @RandomS ! Go ahead and start a new “Feature Request” thread to give this more visibility, as the suggestion may get lost in this thread that appears to have been “solved” already.

Done - thanks for the suggestion!