How to skip front part of a phrase/arpegio/...?

If a note is short, only front part of a phrase is played. Then, how can I play middle or latter part of the phrase? So far, I just captured MIDI notes and erased unwanted notes. But, I guess I am doing a simple thing in a stupid way.

If you are triggering a pad that has performances turned on you need to make sure the note is long enough to trigger the full phrase. Most phrases are 2 bars, some might be longer. Try using a trigger note that is 2 bars long.

Not at all stupid. At times that’s the only way to get that into a project.

For example, a performance is, say, eight measures but you want measures Four and Five and you want those to play on Measure One and Two of a part. You’ll have to record the full Performance to a MIDI Track and extract just the measures of it you want. Not ideal, but workable.

I sometimes record a performance containing pre-set notes that don’t match my chords. So I record MIDI with the “wrong notes” and then edit in the DAW. It’s usually a matter of adjusting one or two notes here and there. Not perfect, but workable.

Due to my poor English (not native speaker…), you seems to misunderstand what I wanted to ask.
Let’s suppose that the phrase is two-bar long and I want to take notes only from the second bar. If I skip a bar and put one-bar note after that, then I just get the first(not second) one-bar of the phrase (I guess…).

That is somewhat like what I am doing. But, I guess there must be smarter way. Anyway thanks for detailed comments.

I think you need to spend more time working with Scaler. There’s many ways to work with it depending on your setup, DAW, and needs. Live setups are going to be very different than recording setups and so on. I have a few different workflows that I’m comfortable with for my setup. It’s all about integrating Scaler into how you create music. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll work things out.

Scaler isn’t designed to start in the middle of a phrase. The only way is to drag and drop the whole MIDI phrase into the DAW and edit it there. Some day we may get ways of doing it differently but it won’t happen till a major update down the line.

Downside of “dragging MIDI phrase” is that we need to repeat the same process again if there is any change at Scaler side (e.g. change voicing, add chords, …). I am thinking alternative ways such as volume down on unnecessary parts using automation.