How to Stop Scaler Remotely


What message can I send, or where can I set up a MIDI binding for a message which will cause Scaler to stop all running performances?

I note that I can stop Scaler by resending the last sent chord trigger, but I also note that neither Scaler nor my external controller keeps a display to indicate which chord/pad that was.

The general scenario here is multiple Scalers on multiple DAW tracks, with scales, rows, chords, performances being selected remotely in realtime. This works pretty well, but I am being forced away from my controller and back to the computer in order to bring things to a stop.

If there is currently no general way to stop a listening Scaler remotely, I suggest that as a feature addition. Thanks!

Considering further, stopping Scaler by resending the last sent chord trigger (as now) may be desirable under some scenarios.

Under other scenarios though, not so much.

Stopping Scalar and triggering a chord are conceptually and practically different things. Intertwining their interface creates issues.

  1. IMO, a performing Scaler should never stop unless explicitly instructed to do so (i.e. by sending a dedicated command for that).

My live Scaler performances are constantly being shut off whenever I touch the same key/pad that triggered the chord currently running. I can anticipate a reply to the effect of “Well, don’t do that!”, but I must persist in this point.

Touching a chord trigger pad is not a command to stop performing. It is simply a command to trigger or retrigger a chord. The command to stop performing is a different animal which needs to be treated on it’s own.

  1. Scenario: Scaler is performing Chord A. I wish to change the performance, but not change chord. How to do so?

I get that I can arrow or mouse or remote (if I’ve set up bindings for that) to put the next performance “on-deck”. Good! Then when I select the next different chord I get the new chord triggered and the new performance triggered. Also good!

But if I don’t want to change chord, there is really no working procedure. Re-selecting (retriggering) Chord A not only does not trigger the new (on-deck) performance, it actually STOPS all performance. Bang, I’m dead!

Am I explaining this clearly?

Can we dialog about this, so that a solution can be designed that doesn’t lock us into a new path with a similar issue?


Hi @sj1

You are probably triggering chords using the latch function.

If you want better control over the duration of chords I would suggest using the bind and drawing the length of note in your DAW.

Scaler is made to be controlled remotely via MIDI using trigger notes to layout complex progressions.


Sorry if I didn’t express it clearly enough, but this topic has nothing to do with duration of chords.

Perhaps I’ve used too many words and thus buried the topic sentence:

“What message can I send, or where can I set up a MIDI binding for a message which will cause Scaler to stop all running performances?”

P.S. Re: “Scaler is made to be controlled remotely via MIDI using trigger notes to layout complex progressions.”

OK, I’m all for that.

I’m also all for being able to use Scaler for live performances (which of course can be recorded).

I don’t believe these need be mutually exclusive, and my comments are along the line of enabling both scenarios.

IMO, Scaler does not have very far to go to make this happen, but it will require sympatico development intent to do so.

I don’t think you’ll find a better team the the ones developing Scaler. From day 1 until now Scaler has evolved in amazing ways. Keep making suggestions but they can’t come overnight.

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I echo the comment of @jamieh. In a way, it is the success of Scaler as a product that generates a constant stream of enhancement requests; we’re all keen to use it in an ever evolving way.

However, even though Melbourne is far away, it is on this planet, and the authors have finite man days and money to absorb it all into their developments plans. Given the number of apps on my machine where the creators may as well be on the planet Zarg, I’m constantly amazed by the responsiveness of Davide, Ed and team to us bunch of demanding users. I raise a glass to their innovation, patience, skill ,and good humour!