How to use Scaler 2 with Garageband on iPad

Just bought Scaler 2 for iPad and I’m trying to use it in Garageband for iPad. I found some instructional video’s and they all advertise the same route: add a track in Garageband, choose ‘External’ as an instrument for that track, select the ScalarLite plugin, done.

I can’t replicate that on my iPad, because:

  • if I add a track in GB and chose ‘External’, it takes me to the App Store with an annoying pop-up advertising “Audio Extensions that Rock!”. If I close that I’m back on the App store’s home screen.

  • the App store doesn’t have a ScalerLite plugin.

What is the correct way to use ScalerLite 2 with Garageband for iPad? Thanks!

[Edit] Fixed! Restarting my iPad solved the problem. Sometimes I forget that it’s just a computer.

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