How to use Scaler2

I have had a chance to start to get acquainted with Scaler .
I’m wondering if most if not all folks get a chord progression together, bind it and record 1 finger chords in your progression in your the daw.
Otherwise it seems more difficult to setup all the different setups for each chord.
Am I missing some better path to lay out a chord pattern for a song cover like “Four strong winds” or other songs to make a backing track to sing to.
I have used Band in a Box for this purpose for some time and maybe gotten into that mindset here.
Just asking for general thoughts and advice

In the majority of cases that’s how I start, when I am using Scaler I already have a musical direction in mind or laid out so I need quick help with the chords and harmony.

Davide is a Master :star:

I am a bad-room producer :rofl:, so I start putting together a few chords by ear while driving an accompaniment plugin like a guitar or a piano, then, I jam forever, usually

In some cases, I mix and record for a mini-tutorial

And in rare cases, I mix and record for a complete song

I am a user of both Scaler2 (some months) and Band-in-a-Box (many years). I use them for different purposes.

I see Scaler2 as more of a “chord designer”/“chord chooser”. I can relate chords to scales, and try chord variations. It is convenient to audition (fairly short) sequences. It helps greatly with music theory issues. The built-in resources provide inspiration.

For performing long sequences of basically “known” chords, I typically use Band-in-a-Box.

Either one can perform a “song”. Scaler2 leans heavily toward invention/creation, Band-in-a-Box toward a backup band.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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