How-to using a bassline to create a sax part

Hi there

Some time ago I posted a tutorial about bass for sax

Well, tonight I used a better sax plugin, the Hollywood Pop Brass: the result was way better and a sort-of Balkan vibe jumped out

Here is the simple routing

The Sax patterns used

The guitar in variable Loop mode

And the EZbass used to feed the sax

EZBass.mid (719 Bytes)

I didn’t use Scaler to create the chords, but I could have used and I’ll use it in the future

This time I just used a funk pattern found by ear, then I dropped some Hollywood Pop Brass by ear again

And here is the result Bass to Sax

I think this tune is more interesting that the old one, possibly because the EZBass articulations triggered sax articulations, but I am unsure about that

Have fun!