How to write Gsus13 in Scaler?

How to write Gsus13 in Scaler?
Or which chord = Gsus13?
thanks. Looking forward to answer.

Sus chords are either sus 2 or sus 4. So a G sus 13 will be either a G sus 2 add 13 - G B D E (+ 1 octave) - or G sus 4 add 13 - G C D E (+1 octave) or possibly G no 3 add 13 - G D E(+1 octave).

To find the chord, use the chord search on the CHORD page, which may seem a bit clunky, but gives many options for flexibility and creativity. To find G6 sus 13 I would search for a G sus and add the E .

When I did this on Scaler it called the chords G6 (sus 2) and G6 (sus 4) respectively - see above. Technically I believe that the G6 (sus2) and G6 (sus 4) have the E in the same register as the rest of the chord (see below),

but I believe that for guitarists the E an octave above is impossible to play so it may be voiced in the same octave as the other notes in the chord (i.e it is a G6).

Where you put the E all depends on the sound that you want, and the best judge of that is your ears.

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thank you very much!

No problem. fyi for the future the 13 means to add a note above the root which has an interval of 13. So for G 13 just count 13 notes up the G major scale counti G as 1: G, A, B, C, D, E, F#, G, A, B, C, D, E.

Note that the 7th chord is a an exception to this simple rule as there are 3 important 7ths!: G7, GM7, and Gmin7.

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