How well does Scaler2.2 and Cubase 11 work on a Mac

I’ve been trying out the 30 day trial of Cubase 11 and I find it pretty cool. I may make the plunge since I can get it at the Crossgrade price. How well is Scaler 2.2 playing with Cubase on iMac OS 10.13.6?
It is working but haven’t tried it extensively. Any bugs people see? The loop bug I experience in Ableton Live (Scaler won’t loop if the internal sound is set to none and the GUI is closed) doesn’t show up in Cubase.
The other thing is how to get around the fact that the controlled instrument has to be in record always to be affected by Scaler. In Live you just keep the input set to IN. Is there something like that in Cubase?

[ADDENDUM] Well so far it seems Scaler and Cubase work pretty well together and David already had a Cubase setup video that shows the monitor input switch on Instrument tracks so I may opt to get Cubase 11. It works well scoring to picture.

I’ve been running Cubase Pro 11 with Scaler 2.2 for quite a while now without any issues. When I first installed the update Cubase tripped up a few times but I did find that stability improved when I moved up to Catalina. Scaler has been rock solid since.


Welcome to the forum and good to hear. Thanks.