How will scaler 2 handles substitutions?

i think it’s weird time to ask about new features, as all main discussions are about Scaler 2, which is only available to the beta testers… at least for 1 month :wink:

i’ve been asked to add 1 minute in the middle of an already pretty finished track,
without changing everything but keeping listeners interested, this for a dance show.
( but this situation can generalize to clients coming with a ref track etc… )
there’s only rhythmic chords and rhythm, no melodic part.

my 4 chords progression is something like :
CM / Em / Gm / Dm

there is many ways to approach that, but i will mainly >
find a “melody” ( top voice leading), than play with inversions and adding tension to match it using always same 4 chords.
maybe playing with a few substitutions to add interest at some point ( if pertinent )

or just laying out all sort of options and do trial-and-error to find what sounds good…

but usually this is a long process, as my harmonic beginning and end are already there,
there is a lot of possibility, but only a few will work …

So my question is >

is there a way to show all possible subs / replacement for a chord ( including borrowing possibilities, modal interchange, chromatic mediants, tritone subs… )
on one page ( pad view ) ?

And to sort them, for exemple by common notes / closeness to the original,
but also by top or bass note ?

There are so many ways Scaler 2 can help you. It can show you your chord prog in a new key and suggest ways to get there. It can offer you modal subs, it can show you secondary dominants to any degree of a new scale, it can even suggest chords based on presets. Finally it can show you scales that share the same chord or chords! I take it you have seen the new tutorial video? (see links below) I am making a new one in the next week based purely on modulation. Stay tuned to the SOS or our Scaler YT Channel:

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thanks for answering me !
the forum looks pretty alive, and your team is very present.
thanks for making the effort !

i looked at the video before posting, looking forward to the next one !

as i haven’t been able to try the beta, i am sorry if i didn’t get it right and i’m talking rubbish :wink:
the features you implemented in the modulation pages are top notch and i am impatient to give them a go, but i am not sure they’ll fit my need in this case

broadly speaking, my question is not so much about modulation as in writing from A to B as you would do with an empty page,
but more about tweaking something that’s already there.
like example in my first post, expanding a part without changing / adding too much movement but keep interest, or clients coming with a ref track and build from there, not too close, but not too far :wink:

i would love to have as much possibilities of substitutions laid-out in one place
then sort them out if possible … instead of having to use many pages ( which offer a lot more ) in a way they may not be designed for ( ? )

again i hope i didn’t misunderstood something and that i’m not wasting your time !