Huge gratitude to Davide and all at School of Synthesis!

I know zero music theory but can sing a bit, have played some percussion, a little B3 and guitar, but have never composed any music. That said, I have feelings just like anyone, and have always wanted to express these feelings fully in sound. Scalar has given me wings! I’ve been doing this for just 2 months and am over the moon. If only I lived in Melbourne… I’d be at your place every day.

Thank you, I am a lifelong fan!!! Attached is a link to a collection of pieces I’ve made, including the latest, which is created entirely from orchestral samples. It’s quite hard (astonishing) for me to grasp how easily it is for me to go from a simple idea in Scalar to a piece like this… and in only 4 days. (!!)

Amazing… simply amazing.


Soundcloud: Tamalpais Rising


nice vibes
and the covers are fine also

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Nice effort … look forward to hearing more

If you have any interest I publish my music as Anacrusis in Thailand on all major streaming services and on Bandcamp -

Thanks man. I really appreciate the Anacrusis song you wrote for your mom’s 88th birthday, and my condolences also. Beautiful to express your feelings about her in this way.

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Thanks so ,i h for taking the time to listen to my music. Bit of a shame I’m not much of a vocalist but I guess the heartfelt meaning of the sadness of dementia and separation due to the pandemic comes through. Appreciate the condolences. Caroline’s Song is for my sister who also lost a health battle … thanks again. Music is a gift, if you visit the Bandcamp link you will learn that much of my music comes from coping and managing an incurable health diagnosis. Music has really helped me cope.

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I hear you about all of it. Music is how I express my feelings also. It just makes me feel so good to be able to do this, and scalar’s a huge part of that.

I will dive into your page and spend more time with it. You take care.

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Cheers again and only delve into my music if you have time. A benefit of forums like this is meeting other folk that compose and record music, largely alone, in their home studios. Some new friends in a discord encouraged me this year to stop releasing on SoundCloud with an audience of <10 and release it to the World. So I joined DittoMusic, improved my mixing and mastering skills, and took the plunge. I’m so glad I did, it has given me a real sense of achievement…

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Ditto music, looks interesting even though I don’t have any intention to monetize my work at this time. I’m really only looking to share with friends right now because this is all so new for me that I’m still not very confident in what I’m doing and how. But I’ll look into it!

Appreciated… -g

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It wasn’t about making money for me at all. I just started to realise that I had some good tunes that could appeal to more than family and my close circle of friends and that I should share…

Got it… and they can access those songs for free if they subscribe to the service (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, etc) and if not I suppose you can set a flag for it to be a no-chage release. Correct?

Correct. Plus Bandcamp is the option for people without an online music subscription. It’s a free service and you set the price from $0 upwards for people to ‘buy’ your music. From memory, they can listen free on Bandcamp for 5 or 10 times (I forget which or you might be able to set the limit yourself) before Bandcamp starts hinting they should perhaps buy…

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Well, actually I use SoundCloud just as a repository

I am not interested in a career in music: just to have fun and communicate with “chords-pals” :grin:

I tend to use just one repository because attending too many needs too much time, and I have to nurture other hobbies also, photography and cartoon

And I have also to do some work, because I am semi-retired only

N.B: music portals are all different in the style they are more driven to; for example, I think to remember that e.g. Reverbnation is more rock-oriented, so this can be a discriminant also in selecting a new one

BTW, Reverbnation has a Crowd Review feature that can be very useful to understand better any defect/good quality of our “job”

Well, you can always start now… :grinning:
with a little help of e.g. Melodyne and VocalSynth

Trust me I used Pitch correction and other tools, that’s about the best I’ve got…lol