I am back!

Took a while to get Internet installed at my new place (I moved from Portland, Oregon, US West Coast, to Frankfurt/Germany).

Crazy timing with everythin…first I stumble into this Supermoon event, perfectly visible over the city’s skyline from my 11th floor apartment…

Then the local soccer team wins its first European championship after 42 years (even though I am not into soccer, couldn’t catch any sleep last night, as the city was like a volcano all night)


Wow, is this moon so big, what’s going on, haha

And the rest of photography magic, tele zoom (I wasn’t that close to the city skyline, the zoom will create this effect of disproportionate sizes, it didn’t look like that with the bare eye)

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I’m so glad to hear that you’re here again. A hug, Bernd

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I didn’t notice you were away :thinking:
Anyway, welcome in the Old Continent

:flushed: :frowning_face: :cry:

A bit like running out of coke, then ?

Anyway, great to see that the move went ok and you are now l happily settled in. You’ll be able to go to see KISS live on the 24th June !

[I trust that in spite of all that time away, you didn’t need to buy an English German dictionary …]

no, but I need to learn when and how exactly to use and conjugate (by modern German grammar) all these English words frequently interspersed in modern Germish/Denglisch sentences.

Reasoning a bit, I didn’t notice because these weeks I attended the forum less often than usual
so sorry my friend :wine_glass: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:

Lunar Disc!! :flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth::scream:

Welcome back. No wonder it’s been quiet!! :smile::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::grin:

Great you are back. Did you miss football over there? I don’t mean football with hands, but football with foot :rofl:

Nice pick and welcome back to the motherland. Was watching that game and whilst Frankfurt was rocking the Glasweigians were, well quiet. Amazing pic and its been thirty years since I was last in Frankfurt - it has grown!

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me too, LOL, having lived there that is. Ever time I visited there seemed to be yet another skyscraper :wink:

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That cathedral (red, on the right in front of skyline) used to be the tallest building of the city for 500 years up until 60 years ago or so)

what a strange sandy color that river… :thinking:
is it normal?

Willkommen zurück!

Ich bin überhaupt kein Fußballfan. Aber das war echt der Hammer.
In welcher Ecke von FFM bist du jetzt stationiert? Ich habe mal 8 Jahre im Nordend gewohnt und fand es ganz nett dort. Der Weg auf die Hanauer zum session music war auch schön kurz…