I chose the RNB chord progression in SCALER

I picked an RNB, I hit play and it only plays in chord order. I put it in the C area below, and I will find that one is missing.
I was thinking, this RNB is definitely not laid out like this. So how does it make a sound, so put it in the RNB? What’s the tempo of it? How long is the time. How does each chord sound?

So, I was just thinking about a problem that might be difficult to achieve. But it should be a direction.
Just when I click play, is a song. This song uses these chords.
I can edit a simple song in it, or drag and drop into a DAW to make it more complex.
This reminds me of GUITARPRO

I also remembered a software called CHORDPLUSE, input chords, select the pattern and play the song.

Interesting…is Chordpulse a MIDI generator, or plays the final audio by itself?

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ChordPulse can bring its midi performance to any DAW via the loopmidi port, for example.
If you assign the midi output of Chordpulse to loopmidi (with the corresponding channels) and then in your DAW place instruments that receive those outputs you can achieve good results. I tried it a while ago and it’s interesting


Being able to load a song pattern that is rhythmically stylistic is important. That for me is an area that we haven’t exploited as yet. Will do though!


Choose a style here. Then play the pattern music along with the chords.
But can’t edit MIDI inside

So ChordPulse is a stand-alone app, not a VST plugin? I see…

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Many years ago, I emailed ChordPulse and suggested they make a VST. But they told me that they won’t do VST.
Here I am using CHORDPLUSE as an example.
Or SCALER is suitable for making music. Study chord progressions.

CHORDPLUSE is even more entertaining, turning chords into a song in a short time and singing happily.

I think BIAB will beat that program in terms of features and sounds. I haven’t used BIAB lately. Maybe it’s time to dig the program out of the dust after a short break and get to work.

That would be an absolutely essential aspect of the program. Rhythm music is based specifically on rhythms rather than versatile chord movements. Of course, they can also be found in different styles, and especially on the jazz side, the chords are emphasized. Pop and rock music, for example, is based more on rhythms.

I have BIAB. I think BIAB is a good idea. But the whole software doesn’t seem to be of this era. But BIAB is struggling. changing.

I now use BIAB as a demo software. For example, I found a chord progression in SCALER, such as C C F G

Then I type in BIAB and experience it. Then make adjustments.

But it’s impossible for me to finish the song in BIAB. Although BIAB has many tools, it is clearly out of touch with the times. I won’t analyze the specifics. Everyone who uses them feels the same, but BIAB is still very good. The real tracks of various instruments, BIAB can quickly generate songs. If the requirements are not high, it can even be used directly for performance.

I think SCALER, can be MIDI-based, not real tracks. Because if you want to do a real track, it will take a lot of time, but it is not necessarily pleasing. Because everyone will eventually replace with their own voice. If it is MIDI, it will be more convenient. Use MIDI to do a variety of styles.

The question now is, how to design this SCALER style plate.