I found that scaler could play better with ezkey

Ezkey itself is a good songwriting instrument. But because I don’t know about chords, it limits the play of ezkey.
Now with scale, it’s easy.
It can be said that they have good complementary functions.
I also suggest that scaler can have a browser design in the future.
In the browser of scaler, there are also MIDI packages for all kinds of music.
I can imagine that the future of scale will be great in two ways:
The first is the MIDI package of browser
Second: scaler should also perform live
The performer can edit the chords well, from intro, verse, pre chorus, chorus, bridge, end
I hope that the development team of scaler can have a good understanding of ezkey and refer to it

Second: scaler should also perform live

I don’t think there is anything preventing you from live performance with Scaler.

The performer can edit the chords well, from intro, verse, pre chorus, chorus, bridge, end

You can edit chords well now. It’s up to you to decide where the various parts are. 7 pattern slots can
get you into quite a whole song. I do it. I would like to have various song parts though like they do in Orb Producer. Maybe in the next full number update.

However I do think Scaler is well on the way to being a more complete package.

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Scaler believes it will get better and better.
More wonderful chords, more wonderful accompaniment texture
More people learn about music
More people get the joy of music :grinning:

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Hi @swingmix

Have you checked these posts of mine?

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yes!thanks!i know!very happy Scaler & ezkey

Digging up an old thread as Toontrack has a sale, are people still using Scaler and EZKeys or have recent updates to Scaler removed the need?

I’m tempted by EZKeys as the thing I can’t do easily in Scaler (still getting better at playing) is to set a rhythm with some chords to then go back to with some of the many (many) excellent performances with a different VST — eg set a rhythm with an organ / pad / string sound the perform a more intricate lead over the top in a piano / guitar sound. In my head I’d come up with something in Scaler, then drop out the chords to EZKeys to get the rhythm part.

Happy to be told I’ve missed some Scaler capability that does all this for me!

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Hi Jon

I acquired EZKeys first, then Scaler, and I was clearly tempted to drive EZKeys with Scaler so I stopped buying its MIDI, but today I think that Scaler cannot replace EZKeys (nor EzBass), because a good piano track is not just made by chords and notes, but by a number of articulations that Scaler cannot build IMHO

So I ended using them together, and started again buying MIDI packages, and I think this is the best practice, like for EzBass or other plugins that have their own AI and/or MIDI patterns

But I am not a Pro, and anyway YMMV as usual :grin:

Thanks Claudio,

So what do you use Scaler for in this instance? How do you use them together? Do you take a sequence and work it in parallel?

I just bough EZBass and am very impressed, but it’s rather depleted my funds, so I’d rather not rush to get EZKeys if the benefit is debatable in my usage.

I use Scaler to send chords and/or performances to EzKeys, then I apply some EzKeys MIDI over it
searching in the forum you should find some post of mine with explanations

Thanks. I thought that was what you meant by ‘driving EZKeys’, I guess you were looking at something more seamless? I saw some posts and that way of working made sense to me, I just wondered if people had moved on, or evolved something different

aha, I got the point and I agree, so I hope that some EzKeys superuser will jump out

I suspect anyway that the plugin is not so much common, because many think the sound is not so cool, compared to sample-based plugins

Another problem is that the plugin development seems stopped, because some MIDI pack jumps out here and there, but I never heard of a new release, and compared to Ezdrummer and EzBass it is very outdated, and not integrated with the other 2