I give up video-tutorials

The Golden Globe red carpet will be never trampled by my shoes :rofl:

I tried to find a (simple) way to do these videos, and I was just able to do 2 of them with many, too many, hours lost fighting against cumbersome apps, and managing subtitles

I don’t feel myself attracted enough to spend so much effort and time, so I’ll come back to my beloved textual tutorials

Got to commend you for giving it a try!
We’ll think of them as limited editions or maybe the lost tapes. :slight_smile:


Which are just as well appreciated! I hope you got several of those “awards” from the Forum software for being a top contributor! :slight_smile:


Yes, I think I have many of those
Nevertheless, the Galactic Emperor award is still lacking…
:rocket: :artificial_satellite: :stars:

that one is reserved for @davide and @Ed1 :laughing:

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