I have a problem hearing sound

Hows everything I haven’t used scaler in awhile but I came back to use it and when I do my usual output/input configuration to link it with Keyscape so I could hear sound I don’t hear anything. I have a MacBook pro and I have MacOs Catalina & I just downloaded the latest version of scaler so I don’t know what to do.

Hi @Jamalf89

Are you using Scaler as an instrument or a MIDI FX? And does it work when using Scaler internal sounds?


The sound internal sound works but what I usually do is turn that off and use the input to my other vet so I could hear that sound when Im on scaler so I’m using it as a instrument

Have you tried using the VST2 or VST3 ? It can make the difference in some DAW when it comes to MIDI routing.

Yes I’m using a Mac and can not hear internal sounds from scaler! Tried everything still no sound using with FL20