I have single note midi melody, Scaler needs to generate chords for that.


Is there anyone out there who can explain the following to me simply and to the point. Namely, my English is not sufficient to understand all concepts.
1 I have a single note midi melody.
2 I use Scaler 2.5 with Ableton.
3 I drag the midi melody to the Scaler window.
4 now for example in the music style “classical 1” I want Scaler to generate the chords.
5 possibly I want the same midi melody not to be “classical”, but for example “chill 2”.

What are the steps in the correct order that I have to take to realize.

Hope to hear from someone.
Best regards

Hey Joseph

I don’t think Scaler is designed to work with your specific scenario. While it can help you find chords in the scale of your melody, and in a particular style, it is not designed to generate chords based strictly on a melody.

When Scaler reads your notes, it will tell you what scales contain those notes.

What you might do then is pick a style Classical 1 for example and then look at some of the progressions containing the notes in your melody. From there you might be able to find some chord combinations that work and use Scalers new suggest feature to help find other interesting chords. Scaler will not generate chords strictly based on single notes.

Someone more versed in these topics might have some other ideas, but this might get you started.

Good luck

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