I heard scaler 2.6 is coming?

What new features will SCALER 2.6? Does anyone want to share some in advance?
SCALER has surprises each update.

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I think this will be more of a maintenance release to patch a few things and close off the Scaler 2 project with major changes and new features to appear in Scaler 3. I’d welcome any new functionality and features of course. The one thing I hope they can correct is the “disappearing unisons” bug.

Yes it is coming and more a point than major update but nonetheless improves and fixes a few things and we are busy making some nice new content so always something to look forward to. Shouldn’t be too long - stay tuned.


Always exciting to see a new Scaler release on the horizon, never been disappointed so far.


If any new version is coming out? Please make the fonts on the UI more readable and bright.

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I’m still on 2.4 - would I need to go to 2.5 AND 2.6, or can I go directly to 2.6 ?

Hi Dave,

If I were you, I would go to 2.5 right now because it has some astonishing improvements compared to 2.4 and then wait for 2.6. Enjoy in 2.5 , it is really worth of installing immediately.

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The new Scaler replaces the old so it wouldn’t matter. But 2.5 has some good things in it.