I love this girl, so cool

The girl not only sings well, but also has a lot of playing skills.
Now I see this video, although I can solve the problem of on-site recording, multi machine shooting, recording the video to the same computer, and then making. But I don’t have the skill to play.
On the big problem of not being able to play live.
I can only hope that Scaler team can help me achieve it.
I think it’s a good direction. What do you think?

Neon Vines is a very impressive artist - I posted a link earlier in the forum, which also shows off her skills.
It’s also worth noting she is a classically trained piano player, so acquiring her level of keyboard competency might take longer than hitting the right button on Push …

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Be careful!
if your wife uncovers this new passion of yours she can get offended

Especially when you have told her how much you hate dance music!

Incredible artist and really refreshing to see women begin to have a major influence in a scene they have been incredibly under-represented over the past two decades.