I made a mistake but Scaler 2.2 is not helping


I downloaded and installed the 2.2 version of Scaler but I have some issues with my previous projects in Cakewalk. In particular, I have two issues:

  1. some of the perform are not played as before (i.e. Phrases -> Cantata) , maybe it was a mistake not to drag the performed notes instead of dragging the chord progression and let scaler playing them with the performance mode, but I don’t think it should be like that.
  1. still hanging notes with some sounds (i.e. string ensamble)

Any solution?

For point 1, maybe I should uninstall Scaler 2.2 and install an earlier version so that I can drag the notes instead of the chords?


Not entirely sure how you are triggering them but could you try shortening the midi notes? We are working to resolve all of the hanging notes issues so hopeful a 2.2.1 will fix and revert back to the previous behaviour. Sorry not sure I am being totally helpful

I’m not clear what is happening here. Playing chords to trigger what? The performance? I don’t see and binding action going on there.

Not worried about hanging notes, I’m sure it will be fixed (I hope soon).

About the other issue: sorry but it is impossible to make a confrontation video because the previous version cannot be recreated anymore (i just have the audio of the previous version). However, in both cases, I just dragged the chord progression (with the perform OFF) and then activated the “perform” feature in Scaler to let it perform the notes.

If I had dragged the chords with the perform feature already on, probably I would not have any issue. But, like I said, since the option is there, it should work anyway.

I don’t understand why the same perform pattern sound so different.

I will try with uninstalling the software and let you know.