I need help with scaler 2

Please help me with getting Scaler 2 to work!

Welcome @jjordan23 , you are in the right place for help with Scaler. Can you share more about the situation that gives you trouble? Perhaps share a couple of screenshots of your setup, so others can better understand what you are trying to do? Describe what you mean with “getting it to work”, what is it doing/not doing now that makes it not work?

Welcome JJ
Hmm…you are not giving us much to work with. If you describe your environment (DAW, OS, etc) and specific issues you are running into, I bet someone can lend a hand.

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I suspect DAW is LogicPro, and therefore OS = MacOS, due to the posting’s tag?

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Im in LogicPro and I don’t see the plugin after the installation of the plugin and go to the midi effects pop up menu, nothing appears.

Hi @jjordan23,

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Can you see Scaler2.component in this folder > Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components ?
If not try re-downloading Scaler2 and running the pkg again.
If you do see the component in this location, go to Macintosh HD/Users/Library/Cashes and move the com.apple.audiounits.cashe file to the trash and empty the trash bin. When you next restart Logic Pro it will do a fresh scan of any installed Audio Units and your plugin should now appear in the Audio Units list in Logic Pro.

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