I own scaler 2 but it disappeared form my DAW and now every time I re download it, it does not appear

I paid for and own Scaler 2 but it disappeared from my DAW and now every time I re-download it, it does not appear even though it says the download is completed. Why does it not work and how do I get it back? I have even tried deleting all Scaler 2/ plugin boutique things from my Mac and re-downloading them. Please let me know if anyone can help.

What OS. First did you have it installed and now it isn’t in the Plugin Folder? Is that what you mean?
Are you using Logic? Did you update Logic? Did you rescan and reboot the computer? Does Scaler show up in Logics Scan window? What did you do between when Scaler was installed and when it disappeared?
What browser are you using to download the installer? Where is it set to download? Do a spotlight search for the installer to see if it’s in a different location.

Hi @Tyler.Tru and welcome to the forum.

With Logic Pro you sometimes need to go into the plug-in manager and manually reset and rescan third party plugins after installation for them to show up again.
Simply go to your plugin manager shown here:

Then select Scaler 2 and press “Reset and Rescan Selection” in the bottom panel, highlighted in the image below:

This can happen from time to time with any third party plugins so it’s always handy to know this and check here when you have issues.
A good way to verify if this is the issue or not is to go to Library>Audio>Plugins>Components and double check that the plugin component is in this folder. If it is there but does not show up in Logic then you most likely will need to do the above process. If the component is not in this location, then the installation failed to complete properly.

Hope this helps.