I really like Scaler, but here are some notes to improve

  1. On Keyboard: Would like to see root not a different color, right now they are all blue.
  2. When a pattern is duplicated rests are filled into the empty slots. This is not preferred and requires deleting the added rests. Duplicate should duplicate exactly.
  3. DAW Sync toggle should be a button on the main interface. I am constantly using this and now it is hidden in the option panel. Now it’s three clicks to change instead of one. It should be one click to toggle.
  4. It sure would be great to be able to drag a single chord slot from a pattern with all it’s timings and performance settings right into my DAW

2* All need to do to duplicate a pattern with no rests is lasso all the chords in the source pattern, right click on any lassoed chord and choose ADD CHORDS TO NEW PATTERN. It duplicated those chords to a new pattern and adds no rests.

3* DAW Sync is on the ALL panels easily accessible at any time. What do you mean exactly?

4* You can do that now. I do it all the time. Just drag and drop the chord into the DAW. What is your DAW? Settings for each chord follow their settings from edit mode.
Unless you mean something else.

Super Thanks for the reply.
The drag and drop, I did not know that and now I do!!! Works in Logic. Thanks.
The Sync I am referring to is in the settings pane and syncs the playback of Scaler to the DAW clock. When it’s off it can play without the DAW playing and this is how I usually capture MIDI, but now that I just learned the Drag and Drop method you revealed it may not be an issue.

Thanks Again

Scaler can play without the DAW playing anytime if you just press the white play arrow. It only locks to play when you right click on the white play arrow and it turns blue.

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