I seem to have smelled string in scaler 2.5

Just came 2.4, but I began to imagine 2.5 :ghost:

The newly added common list makes Scaler better.
The reason why I always suggest adding common chords is to make it easier for more people to use.
For professional people, they don’t need it. It’s all in the brain. But for more people, it’s very much needed.
All good products in the world often have this in common.
Apple’s iPhone is actually very complex, but children, adults and the elderly can easily use it.
Now Scaler is working in this direction. It’s very good.
When I saw that bass and sequences also had common lists, I immediately finished a simple song in 3 minutes, and I could sing it immediately.
I believe that in the future scaler will produce more common rhythms suitable for playing and singing.
You can even add a common string
Because string also has common skills in music production, such as the common sound of chords in progress.
So, I’m guessing if scaler can make some common rhythm types according to musical instruments.
Now some continue to add more, and now none slowly.
Scaler may eventually enrich performance by classifying music.
Everything is so beautiful.
Thanks to the Scaler team

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I feel that omnisphere’s ARP is good.
But you can’t choose music style.
I don’t know when scale 2.5 will be launched or what the new features of scale will be like.
I kind of want to buy omnisphere, just for omnisphere ARP

What exactly do you mean by “String”?

It may be a translation error