I want master tune for changing pitch

Scaler 2 is using American Concert Pitch A=440Hz, but I love A=442. So, I have difficulty singing at 440Hz because I have my songs tuned at 442Hz. And I tuned my all instruments A=442Hz. I know if I connect another instrument with midi and off the internal sounds, I can hear the tuned backing chords. But I still cannot use detect function.

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I’m pretty sure some kind of Master Tuning feature is on the developer’s list of things to do. A442 is growing in popularity in some spheres and it does have a nice bright sound.

One immediate work-around is to assign Scaler to instruments playing in A442 and use the Scaler internal sounds for pre-production… Perhaps someone will have another suggestion for you. Good luck.

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This is really not clear. It seems to be another point of knowledge. I need to learn!

Yes I would love to see a master tuning feature. All my instruments are tuned to A=444

The Scaler internal sounds appear to be held as ‘flac’ files with two tone spaces, each over 5 octaves. The rendering engine would presumably have to be enhanced to do tine constant pitch shifts. They have said they are looking at the rendering engine, and improvements are expected in future versions, but alternate tuning is probably a big step.

However, the main point here is surely that Scaler is “mono-timbral”, and most users probably move midi created in Scaler to a DAW to assemble a track together. So this means that all the synths on the DAW track would also need to support alternative tunings. and this may prove to be a barrier.

Something similar was discussed in

The only product I have which does this is Omnisphere, which is remarkably flexible in this regard.; it supports A= 420 - 460, and has about 60 tunings other than 12TET.

some DAWs (like Bitwig) have pitch shifters, and maybe there are 3rd party plugins available for this too. You can put them inline after Scaler and just tune the audio output accordingly.

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You are absolutely correct, and remiss of me to omit this.

Ableton have a Max for Live add on (which comes free in the ‘Suite’ version)

Microtuner | Ableton?

Hence you don’t need the synth to support alternate tunings or pitch base itself - in theory. However at

Managing MIDI pitchbend messages | Computer Audio and Music Programming – 2014.

it is pointed out that “the amount of alteration in pitch caused by the pitch bend value is determined by the receiving device (i.e., the synthesizer or sampler)” in MIDI 1.0, and hence two synths might not respond in the same way by default.