I want to leave this forum

Good. I have already seen that someone censored and messaged me about my bad manners on the forum. I want to say that I do not take back anything I wrote then, and that I have spent many hours trying to get unsubscribed from this forum. Please do it NOW. Stop milongas now yes, not now. I can’t stand being on this forum any longer. In the time that I have been I have simply tried to help and it is not fair that they have me here when I have made it very clear that I never want to go again. Is this rude? Or should I put it more clearly? Because it seems that saying I think you’re a bit flawed when he is able to write that on the plugin itself without anyone flinching seems normal. Well, not only do I not retract, but I will say that a person who, knowing what a program is capable of, buys it, apart from being defective, or is ignorant or is a bad bug that only intends to create discomfort in the coexistence of a group that knows what it has bought. If he didn’t like the options the program had, he shouldn’t have bought it. What he has been doing has been that: burning, and I am already too burned. I ask you to please remove me from this forum. I am too old to lose my greatest treasure: my time


Sorry to see you go but I also feel the same. There is a grand effort to not be civil or even intelligent when reporting perceived imperfections in software that they clearly haven’t spent time to learn. Wanting it to work one way and one way only. I refuse to even comment on posts like that anymore as it is a waste of time and effort.
Your help on the forum has been invaluable but we only have so much time and it is, indeed more precious these days. You will be missed.
Stay safe out there and make good music.
Cheers, my friend. Stay safe.


I do object to the action taken on your post. Very much more has been left open on other posts without censure or sanction.

The board will be lessened by your leaving -, it needs professional musicians like you.


I’m not sure what happened here and I’m not asking for a repeat of it all. You’ve been a good contributor to the forum. The forums and the plug-in developers have been present and responsive and worked to foster a convivial, professional community.

Scaler is one of the best musical-tool plug-ins I’ve ever used. Is it perfect? Of course not. Even the senior developers have said there are things they don’t like about Scaler. That kind of candor is rare but valued.

If you decide to take a break from posting here that’s fine. I’ve been more and less active at times. I post if I have a question, notice a bug, or have a suggestion I think deserves a post. I have a pretty high tolerance for overlooking the occasional flame war and I think that’s true of most of those who post and read these forums.

Maybe taking a break is a good idea. I’d suggest you keep using Scaler and, imperfect as you may find it now, with more time you’ll see how to create better workflows with it. If it helps you create interesting music, that’s good, but perhaps its just not your thing. That’s also fine. Scaler won’t be for everyone.

Good luck with your music and projects.

I’ve been away from the forum for a while, (other than occasionally looking for unanswered support questions) and I was troubled when I found this and its related thread. The issues are no doubt complicated and messy, but that is the nature of human interaction and the unfortunate reality of digital amplification.

For multiple reasons, Scaler creates a strong connection in many people’s hearts and minds. A connection that product designers once called: “irrational emotional attachments” and one I’ve watched play out in software for decades. Some people, me proudly included, seem to attach to Scaler in interesting, and I might even say…profound ways. Quite simply, it gives me a sense of joy…it makes me happy.

Therefore, and with a desire to share some of that joy, I (like others here) have spent considerable time and energy learning this product and then trying to support others learning to use it. I too find myself being reactive to criticism or judgments targeting Scaler, with a desire to "defend’ or “protect” the product and its creators. I also understand that unchecked, this reactivity can have degenerative consequences despite my best intentions.

I’m not about to second guess decisions that I do not fully understand, but I do know that despite best intentions, censorship rarely accomplishes its intended goal, and when the forum loses active, generative community members, we all suffer.

FWIW- @jjfagot: I hope you decide to stay involved and continue to share your vast experience with newbies like me. New members: I hope you add new perspectives as you challenge assumptions and respectfully navigate a passionate community. Forum moderators: I hope you embrace the creative tensions that a special product like Scaler elicits and resist some of the trendy approaches that often prioritize sensitivities over intellectual discourse.

Life is messy and that’s half the fun.


Well said. Thanks for your posts on the forums.

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Hi @jjfagot

Sorry to read your post.

In the short time that I have been posting here I too sometimes find some of the posts frustrating, especially those asking for Scaler to be developed with functionality that I feel may be inappropriate. But the people making those suggestions obviously feel differently.

I am also frustrated when people post bug reports when there may not be a bug, but again a simple response showing where they have misunderstood the issue may be all that is required.

And of course “there is no such thing as a stupid qiestion, only a stupid answer”: when someone asks a “stupid question” it is probably because they do not understand something.

May I suggest that as

you could try changing the settings in your profile to avoid any notifications and simply take a time out from posting to the forum. As you rightly suggest time is precious and it is the one thing that you cannot get back once it has gone.

On a personal note I will be sorry to see you depart as I think that you have made significant contributions positive to this forum (you have certainly helped me with my music educaion); but life is not static.

So if you leave, may I wish you a bon voyage through this life.

My friend,

I will be sad if you really leave this forum. Not only will you be missed because you are a great contributor, professional with vast knowledge and experience, but specially because you a great person.
You know, when “the bad guys” come to town, sheriff should not be expelled by citizens but rather helped to make the town peaceful again.

I must admit that I am a bit lost in reasons why you want to go and who censored you, but we really appreciate you. If one or ten persons of (I don’t know how many - hundreds, thousands) do not like your comments, then it’s to them to leave if they don’t like what was said. Do not forget, the trolls are everywhere.
Yes, in our age, time and health are two most precious aspects in our lives.

It was not bad idea to disable notifications if you want a peace of mind.

If, however, you really go, we’ll keep in touch on Youtube and by email but we all will miss your posts.


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A clip of music made just for you with Scaler.


(post deleted by author)


This is strange that our forum grants people with one or few posts, without so called “reputation” the right to flag/ban a post by one of our most experienced and highly estimated members. On other forums, one must spend some time and have good posts until he builds his reputation and only then can do the things newcomers are not allowed. I am quite disappointed that such things are possible on our forum.

And, yes, I hope @jjfagot will stay with us in spite of the disappointment he had.

José, you know that we appreciate you!


I don’t feel comfortable with censorship or someone feeling they have to leave because of my actions, so let me try and fix this.

I made a thread in relation to the current implementation of Scaler 2. Some of you objected to the word ‘flawed’ and the fact I had the audacity to challenge the implementation. My suggestion being to extend existing functionality by allowing more chords in a Pattern and more Pads in the Pads section. I also raised the idea of an easy way to repeat a given Pattern in an arrangement, which is not existing functionality.

The User threatening to leave posted this to the thread.

As a new User to this forum I just took him to be a troll but did not respond.

I have reached out to the Admins to uncensor the User’s post. Perhaps the User can reach out and message me privately to resolve this?

I’d encourage you to read my posts in that thread again, chronologically, skipping over the interjections. I think I have been civil and articulate in my use case and observations. These weren’t demands, I would assume to have no such power over the direction of the product or the development team. I was and am coming at this from the perspective of a new customer with an opinion on extending existing functionality to make the product even more useful and appealing. In my opinion, because, that’s all each of us have!

In the back of my mind I hear “Don’t ever try to appease a name calling angry forum mob” but let’s see.

Just picking up on

there are two ways t0 do this.

  1. Simpy right-click on the pattern name will open a drop-down menu with an option to duplicate the pattern. Then in the PAD page you can move th epattern up or down in the sequence of patterns.

  2. The second way (and my preferred method) is to apply midi binding. You can then trigger the patterns using midi clips ot playing a midi keyboard.

I’m utterly confused here. Who censored your post? I didn’t was it an auto system admin thing? I cannot see anything in the backend. Also not sure why this issue of scaler criticism is even a thing. I don’t mind what anyone says about anything as long as there is respect on the boards here. @jjfagot You’ve always been a valuable member with very helpful advice on the evolution of scaler, great composition and extremely supportive of new member queries. It’s users like yourself that make this board valuable and worthwhile. I don’t want to convince or manipulate you either way but please do send me a PM so I understand what is going on. If you want me to delete your profile I (begrudgingly) will. Davide


@ed66 Thanks for the suggestions. I was aware of both options but thank you for trying to help.

Both of those current routes, whilst perfectly acceptable, present a compromise, to me, the loss of precious Pad spaces or manual intervention.

I was envisioning a future state where you could simply tap the Pattern menu in the Pads section and there would be a ‘Repeat’ option where you could set a value eg. 2 (Default 0) and the Pattern would just repeat, however many times you said, without having to duplicate and use up more pads.

Anyway, thanks again, I don’t wish to take the thread any further off topic.

@jjfagot Your post on the thread I started has been uncensored by the Admin Team. Please get in touch with me direct via Private Message to discuss this amicably.

I hope this little flame will be put out

it’s senseless that we quarrel, but it happens (to me also) that the stress of life, together with hot weather, does a disaster


(post deleted by author)

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Allow me to echo comments from my friends Claudio and yorkeman. You’re a valued member of this forum and we’d all be poorer for your absence.

Please don’t let the trolls get to you.

Please stay with us.

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Oh dear how sad that this forum descended into this for a while it seemed like it might be a little bit different. Then of course, egos grow, hierarchies form & members regress into child like behaviour.

If you want to leave then leave its that easy maybe read the manual if you are unsure how to.
If you are so emotional attached to a piece of software that you would be offended by somebody saying its ‘flawed’ I would suggest getting a grip & deal with it instead of bullying new members.

The devs more than hold their own here & have been fantastic at receiving feedback from members, i’ve seen this software grow criticism & input from members.

As long as no body is being silly offensive & rude to each other then i don’t see the point of all this drama.