I want to say thanks to all

I go to this forum for some weeks and I am very pleased by the atmosphere

I understand that there are real professionals, and yet all members and developers are very polite and ready to help: this is not common

I attended the KVR forum and I was expelled apparently because I suggested a tip to another people, and this people accused me to send unsolicited spam
then I asked to the mod what rule I infringed, and nobody replied

in other forums, or FB music pages, I found offensive behaviours, notably against amateurs , but here it doesn’t happen, so I am very happy and again: thanks


Yes! Some users even laid guitar parts in your scaler made tracks, you cannot get that polite from the “dark web” :guitar: :grinning::grinning:

I share your thoughts! This forum remind me of VGF virtual guitar and PG Music ones.
Respect and interactivity are the basic key which are a lot of it here.

Also I love the forum engine, is modern, clean and effective and staff is always listening and restless trying to fix and improve.


Well thanks to you for keeping it alive! It’s a very useful win win community for all so mutual respect and non offensive language is a way to keep it going! Long may it live!!