Identify chords & scales not working

Supposedly you drag and drop an audio in wav, flac, aif in the correct frequency and it shows. Followed the instructions.

Using 2.2 and dragging dropping it just shows the same scale for multiple songs in different scales (Am, Em). These are my own songs using LogicPro / High Sierra.

tiff is an image format.



So, LES, anything to contribute or just feeling a bit passive aggressive today?

I always contribute… sometimes it’s just a matter of time. :wink:

Dunno… perhaps all of your songs are Am, Em!

The point of my post is that we can’t see or hear what you are doing.

What format are your audio files in?

You can drop them, and if that doesn’t work you
can open and point to them.

Scaler won’t go much above the normal 44.1 or 48…
I think I’ve read where it will work up to 88.2 :wink:

If you are doing everything correctly and it’s not working…

for sure, one of the devs will come on and ask you to send them the file. np.

It will just take a little time to sort out.

In the formats and supported sample rates specified in the manual. I updated from an earlier version of scaler where it did work.

Not tried flac as it’s not native to Logic.

Either 2.2 don’t work properly or a bad install.

Tried it in the Midi effect slot and instrument slot (just incase)

I imagine that although the bit-depth isn’t mentioned, it probably plays into things.

I would imagine 16-bit and 24-bit would work. I’m not sure about 32-bit audio.
I think Scaler might have problems.

Although, like you say… If it worked before, it should still work the same in the update.

NB: Have you tried to manually point Scaler to the file?

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Bit confused about what your dragging and what is happening. Can you clarify what file type sample rate, bit depth, are you dragging onto Scaler Instrument / Audio / Control and on what type of channel is it set on logic?

Hey @LivingEdge_Studios and @davide

It’s solved but the manual needs updating now it only works in 16bit or the 32 bit detection needs mending.

Here’s a typical output I use.

I outputted16 bit wav as per your suggestion @LivingEdge_Studios

Tried 2 / 3 songs. It shows the correct scale.

In logic the track channel is set on midi, effect or instrument channel. I tried select and point and drag and drop as individuals.

With 32 bit and no success as individuals and / or all three activated (in midi, effect or instrument channel). 16 bit success as individuals and / or all three activated

No luck selecting open audio file for 32bit, 16 bit success.


Manual should state 16 bit rate.

  • The 32 bit output is now broken :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify we are not discussing Bit Rate but Bit Depth. Logic doesn’t handle true 32 Bit Depth files on import or export, only float which actually means you are dealing with 24 Bit Depth files. I need to discuss with the DEVs but Scaler won’t natively import at 32 bit just like Logic doesn’t, it converts to 24 Bit depth. So hence the confusion you are having. The question, scaler aside is why are you exporting or using 32 bit depth files? Particularly when you are only using up data which then gets converted back to 24 bit.

@davide With the previous version of Scaler I’m pretty certain it worked with 32bit output.

My personal workflow is 32bit pre-mastered. Typically there’s analogue effects on retro’d instruments before mastering and outputted using aif. I find a lower output 16 bit from pre to post misses something. I note this using specialist Plenue hifi devices.

Maybe it doesn’t matter for some other producers. There’s a lot of pro mastering tools I can’t afford for a 16 pre master out to a 16 bit master. It don’t have the quality I want :smiley:

I’ll check with Ed about the 32 Bit previous support and we will discuss. On a side note, consider using 24Bit files. Effectively Logic is dithering down 32 Bit to 24 Bit on import and only working in pretend 32 bit so you are just wasting 2 x file sizes and introducing unnecessary artefacts from too much up and down bit conversion.

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