If you like Preview Selected Chords, I bet you'd love a Bind Selected Chords with Auto Bind

For some of us that regularly rely on Preview Selected Chords to let us preview chords from multiple locations, the ability to Bind Selected Chords would make a good feature great.

A cherry on the top would be (along with the standard right mouse click UX) enabling an Auto Bind option allowing you to bind 2 or more selected chords instantly. Not only would this enhance the process of identifying chords and rhythm ideas from multiple sections, if you use Pad view like I do with many populated patterns, I will let us map a keyboard precisely and quicky without gaps.

Thoughts on UX - The Auto Bound chords could be cleared as soon as a normal (A,B.C) bind button is selected.

Thanks for listening.

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+1 (I think?)

I see the utility of it, but I’m sure developers have better thinking about it. That said, if it were possible, I’d like to then be able to “Copy Selected Chords to Pattern” on a right-mouse click. In general, I like having long sets of “power user” options under the right mouse. Of course, we can drag and drop as usual.

Ask and you shall receive…

Works across sections as well


Thanks for asking this question. We can already do it, I just never though about selecting certain chords across pads. This will help and I should thought of it before.

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Of course now I have Kraftwerk in my head singing AutoBind!

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Yes, we’ve thought about this, we came to the conclusion back then that it was a bit too advanced and would cause confusion for most users. For example with chords playing different perform settings depending on the section you select them from…

Mixing and matching is nice, but the bind and the multiple sections can already be a bit confusing when you start with Scaler.

There’s no real limitations, it is simply that adding all those controls for advanced users creates a lot of noise in the UI for new users. As we refine the UI there will be opportunities to bring those new features in and further improve the workflow.


It’s funny but when I’m away from the DAW and posting I forget about things I use regularly, such as what you mention.

I think that’s the right decision. I remember old software packages there would sometimes be options to turn on “advanced” features. Maybe Scaler would provide a Simple and Power User UI options for some future version. Anyway, whatever you think right will be good.

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