I'm having trouble using Eastwest play in Scaler 2

I’m using scaler to play EastWest instruments, but they don’t work right. It just plays the articulations and not the main sound. When using the C section in scaler it’s trigger the articulation on the bottom section of the vst where the articulations are it not even making a chord sound even though scaler is trying to. These are the only vsts I have this problem with. Is there anything I can do? Any setting I have to make? I’ve tried using the Play and opus version. I would prefer to use the play version because I can use the nks version in Komplete Kontrol. Thanks in advance.

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I threw the East West in the rubbish bin after a lot of frustration
It is not easy using them with Scaler, nor manually
Even using the Jamieh’s tips, you’ll find it is difficult

Anyway, I was suggested to try just single hits, not phrases or articulations :cold_face:

In general, I find that too many plugins nowadays are good only for very skilled keyboard players, but the companies tantalize customers stating that their stuff can be played easily by everyone :japanese_goblin:

Hard to help if you don’t say what you are using. Yes many instruments have key switches for articulations. You need to set Scaler up to avoid those ranges. Turn on the Dynamics section in Scaler at top right. You can set some range limits there. Depends on your DAW but there are ways to set limits there. Tell us more of what you are trying to do. I use Scaler on all my instruments. You learn what works best.

I’m using EastWest vst’s via play. Silk, Gypsy, Ra, Fab four, Choirs etc. I want to use scalers performance mode on them but instead of triggering a chord it triggers an articulation. I’ll try what you said. Thank you.