I'm too stupid to understand the power of SCALER today

I have some NI electric guitars, NI nylons.
I often complain that the sound is not practical. Because I edited the chords in SCALER, put them in, and the feeling changed. So I haven’t used it for a long time.
I stumbled across an instructional video from GROOVE3 today. The video is exactly about how to get NI guitars to play according to chords. I went and set it up right away. Turn this into a shutdown.

A miracle happened. I edited a lot of chords in SCALER, put them in, and they were all perfect.
Maybe you think it’s funny. But in my case I can’t read English. So the English interface has been causing me dyslexia, and it’s hard for me to understand what some music software really means. I just keep trying and breaking through.
I went to search for GROOVE3 and saw that GROOVE3 is a video site dedicated to teaching. But it costs money to buy. I don’t want to buy it right now. I suddenly saw a free message.
AAS Strum GS-2 video instruction. I immediately remember someone at SCALER using the AAS Strum GS-2 and SCALER a lot. Since it’s free, I took a look. Made me realize again. The original SCALER is to play like this.hahhahahaha

Download the AAS-Strum-GS-2 instructional video for free.


(I installed a video downloadhelper downloaded video in the chrome browser)

I found that every music software has its own logic. You have to keep trying to really understand these logics.

To make these software work together, you need a bridge, which is chords, which is SCALER

Therefore, I think from the bottom of my heart that SCALER should be a must-install software for anyone who likes music.
But I also found that many people try not to say SCALER in reality, as if they are afraid to let others know that SCALER is their secret weapon. But with the Internet, good things can’t be hidden. :joy:


Who called me?


No other languages in your DAW or plugins?

Why can’t you switch language on your computer? Native Instruments are multi language aren’t they? They have to be!