Import Chords Sets - What format should I use?


Does anyone know what format Scaler accepts for importing user chord sets?

I see there’s an option to import chords in the ‘User section’ but nothing in the manual or on the community forum about it.


Welcome to Scaler community!
Scaler does not import chords like I think you mean. Scaler detects chords from a MIDI file. Any MIDI file of chords - Drag and Drop onto an open Scaler and it will detect chords in the file if there are any. Scaler does not detect timing.
Scaler exports its state as an XML file and you can import that so other Scaler users can trade chord sets. It’s in the manual and there are several tutorials on this.

Jamie, Thanks,

That makes complete sense now. Just tried it and it works perfectly. Thanks for clarifying.


Also works with audio files