Important Quick Chord Inversion Function Suggestion

I have an idea for a “Quick Inversion Audition” function. A lot of times when you are using the modulation option to audition say secondary chords, or do a modal interchange, etc, you want to try an inversion up/down of a suggested chord (maybe its leading tone is too high for your progression, for example). In this scenario to try an inversion of that chord, you first have to put the chord in your pattern somewhere (if you have an open space left), then right click and go to edit chord, then click on the “inversion” +/- keys to get the inversion. So there are a lot of steps to try out a chord inversion (which may or may not be the chord you want anyway but you wanted to try it out without taking up limited visible pattern space).

So I have a suggestion that would be a quick way to invert the chord you want to audition in the Modulation pages. An option could be added to the right click menu to invert up/down, or EVEN BETTER, Scaler could be to allow us to hold ctrl/shift/alt +mousewheel up/down on any chord to invert a chord up/down quickly (keeping it inverted). If that is complicated to code, you could add a “chord inversion mode” to the right click menu which would let us enter a temporary mode to switch the inversion of that particular chord on any of the modulation pages (maybe via a temporary small drop down window of sorts that shows 3/4 inversion options of that chord so we can mouse audition, or drag and drop an inversion into our pattern if we like it).

My dream would be that this could work on any of the suggested/modulation chord pages/panels without having to add the chord to the pattern, then go into edit chord mode, then invert the chord to try it out quickly in the context of your progression.

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