Imported session not updating Default Chord Duration setting

FWIW, when I import a saved session, it is not applying the saved Chord Duration from the original session state.

I suspect it might be a Default Chord Duration flag, but if you constantly swap default setting around like I do, it would be great if it recalled the explicit value of the setting. If this is a general design pattern (to use a default settings flag) this might be hard to detect by a user.

In this case, I use a 1/2 beat setting as a default, so the original session’s 4 beat setting was obvious. If it was something more subtle and less visible like a swing or quantize setting, it would be a problem.


I haven’t noticed that. I usually have my sessions in the drop down menu although lately I’ve taken to saving project specific ones by export to a project folder. Mine are often synced to picture so a different base time would be immediately noticed. I’ll do some tests.

Ok, thanks.

I only tested on one of my systems, so I’ll test on a couple others. I did test with several different session files and different default Chord Duration settings and got consistent failures. Is that a success? :slight_smile:

Yep…it looks like it only saves the duration data if it was changed from the default at the time of saving the session.

Testing steps…just in case I missed something

  1. Clear State
  2. Set default chord duration to 16
  3. clear state and confirm default setting is 16
  4. Add chords to Pattern 1
  5. Save session as Default16
  6. clear state
  7. Change default chord duration to 1/2
  8. clear state and confirm duration is 1/2
  9. Load Default16 session
  10. confirm chord duration is still set to default of 1/2 instead of the expected 16