Improved detection for V7 13b9 chords in II-V-I


My first post.
A small previous statment:

Despite this small identification chord issues, surely fixable, Scaler 2 is simply a wonderful resource tool capable of providing amazing possibilities to everyone, beginners, hobbyists, home composers, groove online producers and advanced professionals.

Scaler 2.0.9 (trial) with Reaper 6. Windows 64

There are some chords (with root note) wrong identified by Scaler 2 where the name and scale degree don’t match the correct chord for II-V-I within a Major or Harmonic Major Scale) It seems them are very very few, and surely will be fully fixable by devs.

I am not saying that the identification is bad, but that it is not being interpreted correctly for the chord function in an specific degree of the scale as in the case of V7 13 b9

Some wrongly identifed degree/chord:
In a II-V-I progression the V7: 13b9 (13th Flat 9th) is identified as III maj b9 #9.

  • Scaler identifies the chord C13b9 (V degree) only when it contains a fourth suspended interval (11), which instead would be named as C13b9sus4 or C7/13 b9/11.
  • Chord C13b9 is identified as G dim11 (II dim11) when input is 1 3 5 7b 9b 13
  • Other altered chords containing 9b and 13 are perfectly identified by Scaler 2: C 13(b9 #11),
    The C13b9 chord is used in some very beautiful jazz progressions, mainly bossa nova, chill and samba jazz. Here I recorded a demo using variations done in Scaler 2 . I remark the issue in the video.
    The progression is: (F major scale) IImin 9th - V7 13 (b9) - I maj7 - VI7 --> Gmin9 - C13b9 - Fmaj7 - D7b9 (this video is not public, It is only intended for post purposes, please don’t spread)

The generated Scaler XML chord set and the MIDI file (original chords I used in detection) are attached:

Jazzy Bossa_II_V7(13b9)_I_VI.xml (1.2 KB)
II-V-I (V713 b9).mid (376 Bytes)

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Brilliant feedback thank you we will look into this.