In pad view, keyswitch stops working and gets stuck on one pattern

I have attached a couple of images. On onne you can see two different keyswitch notes are illuminated. In the second only one is. In both instances, its not possible to use keyswitch any further.

In both cases, it worked fine and then stopped. I cant put my finger on any specific action that lead to it.

Thanks for reporting @jeffreyk we will investigate.

Were you playing on a MIDI Keyboard or controlling Scaler from a DAW track?

Push 2 input.

Side note: I upgraded to Live 11 this week.

I went to use the Detect function. It was not available until I Unselected Multiple Patterns. Then Detect was available and the above keyswitch problem went away.

I’m not sure how I selected multiple patterns or what signifier there was of that?

I use Live 11 and Scaler 2.3 on a Mac OS High Sierra and have not experienced this problem. What OS are you running?

I am running Catalina.