Incoming MIDI not Binding


In Scaler 2.4, I’m able to bind the keys on my computer keyboard to control row selection or scale selection. This works well!

However, when I attempt to get incoming MIDI (e.g. from my Launchpad Pro Mk3) to bind in the same way, nothing happens.

IOW, I see the incoming keypress on the Scaler keyboard display, but the bind dialog shows no awareness of it happening at all.

I’ve confirmed in the MIDI stream that only a single message (Note On) is being sent while I attempt to do this.

Since Scaler sees the message to show it on the visual keyboard, I don’t get why the message won’t bind …

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We have disabled key note on//off for now and are only allowing midi binding from any CC other than keys on your midi controller. The note on/off was causing issues so options were to delay 2.4 or get it out working 100% with note on/off disabled. We will add that option soon!